The western half of the U.S. is experiencing a record-setting wildfire season while the eastern half is flooded with a record-setting hurricane season. New technology is needed to prepare the world for the impacts of climate change. Enview is leading the charge in processing large-scale 3D datasets with its novel machine learning that can generate insights at unprecedented speed and detail. In this webinar, we'll be discussing how machine learning can generate a high-res, dynamic 3D wildfire risk map of California to prevent and mitigate wildfires before they happen, and see how cloud computing can help update flood plain maps for the entire gulf coast after every major hurricane in a matter of hours. Enview generates faster insights over larger areas, better preparing the population for resiliency and response.

Duration: 1 hour


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About the Presenters


San Gunawardana

Co-Founder & CEO, Enview

After finishing a PhD in AI/machine learning at Stanford, San was embedded with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan where he combined data analytics and remote sensing to detect threats and prevent incidents. San is excited to apply those insights to help end-users in mission-critical sectors solve impactful problems. San has done computer vision at NASA, built imaging satellites with the Air Force, and was an early employee at ICON Aircraft before founding Enview in 2015.



Anthony Calamito

VP of Product, Enview

Anthony has 16+ years of experience in the geospatial software industry, including product and sales leadership roles at Esri, Boundless, and Mapbox.  When it comes to products, he believes that simple things scale and complex things fail.  At Enview, Anthony helps to define requirements and capture feedback to ensure software solutions meet customer needs.